Window Installation in Rochester NY

With our weather and its frozen winters and steamy summers, it can be a challenge to maintain your home’s windows and doors and keep your energy bills reasonable. That’s why many homeowners are upgrading their home with replacement vinyl windows and doors installed by Trinity Home Renovations.

Replacement vinyl windows and doors are an economical way to improve your home’s efficiency while dramatically reducing maintenance effort and comfort. Vinyl double hung, vinyl sliding windows, vinyl casement windows, vinyl bay windows and vinyl patio doors offer excellent insulation value and, unlike other window and door materials, they never need painting or scraping, and do not rot.

Getting replacement windows for your home is a great investment. If you have cracked, splitting or just hard-to-open windows, don’t wait until the winter to get them replaced. Older windows can cost you more this winter in energy costs due to the transfer of hot and cold air. Prevent warm air from escaping through your older windows and keep your energy costs low, and your family comfortable inside!

The new construction market has started installing vinyl windows in new homes as part of an effort to market a more maintenance free home. If you’re considering selling your home in the future, installing vinyl windows can help you increase its value and appeal.

Our windows are energy efficient which means they prevent the transfer of hot and cold air, again keeping your family more comfortable and your energy costs down. Replacement windows are also great because they are updated with stronger, more durable glass and locks keeping your family safe inside. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to clean both the inside and outside of the window from inside your home. And opening and closing them will be a breeze.

There are four basic materials used in making windows:

  • Aluminium Windows are primarily used in commercial applications. They are very strong. However, aluminium easily conducts heat and cold, and is not recommended for residential use.
  • Wood Windows are the conventional choice for new construction. Most people discover that as the years pass, wood window and door products require a lot of maintenance, including painting and caulking. In the end, most wooden windows eventually give way to rot and need replacing.
  • Vinyl Windows offer excellent insulation value, never need painting or scraping, and do not rot. The new construction market has started installing vinyl windows in new homes as part of an effort to market a more maintenance free home.
  • Fiberglass is superior to other window and door materials. Not only is it maintenance free, but also has exceptional thermal and energy-saving performance.

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Vinyl Windows: A Great Option for Upstate New York Homeowners

It’s important to remember with all home renovation projects that your product is only as good as the professional who installs it. Trinity Home Renovations, Inc. installation experts are highly trained, ensuring that your window and doors perform just as they were designed to, giving you peace of mind.

After testing vinyl products produced by a variety of manufacturers, Trinity Home Renovations, Inc. is proud to install windows and doors produced by a select few manufacturers. In addition to improving the efficiency and durability of your home, our wide variety of vinyl window and door styles and design options will increase its natural beauty and comfort.

Add Beauty and Security with a New Entry Door

High quality entry doors add a finishing touch to your remodeling job. With steel and fiberglass entry door systems and matching storm doors, you’ll increase the beauty and security of your home. Trinity Home Renovations, Inc. offers many styles, finishes and hardware to complement any home with quality decorative doors, sidelights and transoms. All of our storm doors are constructed with tempered safety glass and are available in colors that match our entry door systems. 

We proudly use products from the following manufacturers for window installations:

We proudly use products from the following manufacturers for door installations: