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Kitchen Remodeling On A Budget

It seems like everyone gathers in the kitchen. Think of the last party or gathering you had at your home. Where does everyone linger? In the kitchen, of course! Maybe it’s the smell of your cooking or perhaps they just like your décor. In any case, having a kitchen that you and your guests love is a major source of satisfaction as a homeowner.

Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive. Forbes magazine reported the national average cost for a high-end kitchen makeover is now more than $53,000! While this is certainly money well spent and the costs of doing a kitchen remodel in Rochester may be lower than the national average, most of us are looking for ways to reduce the expense while still having a great end result.

The first step is to research what you’d like in your kitchen and assessing your budget. Next, spend time researching kitchen remodeling contractors. It’s so very important to find a company you’re comfortable with and one that offers you a fair price.

When shopping for kitchen appliances think outside the box and be on the lookout for sales. Your renovation company may also be able to recommend some places to shop that perhaps you didn’t consider.

You’re likely going to have to compromise when renovating your kitchen. If you can’t afford all the bells and whistles (who wouldn’t love quartz countertops!?), investigate other options that give you a similar look or functionality at a reduced cost. For example, Corian® countertops look as nice as granite in some cases.

Another idea is to renovate your kitchen in phases. It doesn’t make sense to chop your remodel up into multiple phases but doing two might make sense. First, focus on the major structural changes (cabinets, layout, floors and counters). Then wait a bit and save money for the new appliances or sink. Ask your contractor to help you brainstorm ways to reduce your budget without cutting critical corners.

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