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Choosing The Right Time To Start a Home Renovation

There’s no question that here in Rochester, late spring, summer and early fall may be the best time to conduct a remodel or home renovation project at your house. But, don’t just assume that the colder months are completely out of the picture. Here at Trinity, we’ve been known to do new roofing projects right through the winter!

Of course, indoor remodeling and renovation projects are generally a bit easier on everyone during the winter months. Here are a few good reasons to consider doing a renovation project during the cold weather months…

  1. Winter Incentives
    Depending on the time of the year, the project and availability of crews, some renovation companies may offer an incentive for having them work on your project during the off-season.
  2. Be an Early Bird!
    By scheduling projects during the winter months, you are putting yourself ahead of the spring renovation crowd.
  3. Enjoy The Warm Weather, When It Arrives
    Once we complete your roofing, kitchen, bathroom or other home remodeling project, the only thing left to do come spring is enjoy the renovation to your home, making this the most important reason to schedule a renovation project during the winter season.

Do you have another idea or reason to consider a winter renovation project? Does your home need a new roof but you don’t want to wait until spring? Reach out for a free estimate and let’s see if we can help you.

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