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Super Easy Home Decorating Tips For Every Rochester Homeowner

For a lot of people, decorating the home is almost more difficult that renovating it. Which color to pick? What type of furniture? The options available are overwhelming. Even if you see something on TV or in a magazine, does that mean it’s the best option for your unique home?

Decorating doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by using some of these simple tips to help improve the look of any room.

Tip #1 – Add Plant Life!

By adding flowers or indoor plants to any space, you can bring color and life (literally) to the room. Who knows, it could even help your mood. The nice part about plants is that they come in all sizes and shapes. Don’t have a green thumb? Ask your local greenhouse expert about the easiest indoor plans to maintain.

Tip #2 – Lay Some Rugs

Area rugs are a relatively cost effective way to really transform a room whether you’re remodeling or not. The rug will warm up any tile or hardwood floor while protecting your floors from damage, wear and tear.

Tip #3 – Dress Up Your Windows

Blinds, curtains and drapes can do wonders for a space. These small touches will make the room look polished and give you some privacy. When in doubt, stick to lighter colors.

Tip #4 – Paint

Nothing refreshes a room like new paint. Again, when in doubt, choose a natural or neutral color. If you’re brave, go darker. But you may wish to consult with an interior design expert first.

Tip #5 – Upgrade Your Lighting

It’s amazing what new lighting can do. Whether you’re going with a floor lamp, table lamp, or something installed in the ceiling, having the correct lighting pattern will set the tone for the whole room.

Tip #6 – Pillows & Comfy Blankets

While also serving a practical purpose, adding new throw pillows and blankets to your furniture allows you to add color, texture and personality at a very low cost.

Tip #7 – Art Work

We find that choosing the right art work for a room is very difficult. Consider photography or something more subtle. Check out a local art studio in addition to the usual retail stores. There are online sites that have a wider selection as well.

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