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Top 5 Trends for Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Could yours use a makeover? Get inspired by the displays this weekend at The Capital Home Show. Check out these trends before heading to Dulles Expo Center!
1. Alternatives to Granite Countertops
It gets a lot of attention, but granite is not your ONLY option when selecting a countertop. Quartz and wood can be more neutral looking and blends better with kitchen surroundings. It’s also more durable. You can set a hot pan directly on the surface without risking damage!
2. Glass Front Countertops
You spent a lot of money on that dishware. It’s time to show it off! Glass front countertops are a classy way to add variety to your kitchen. You can keep traditional cabinets for the items you don’t want on display
3. New Types of Backsplash
Everyone loves the multicolored backsplash. But there are so many other styles. Check out the 3D subway tile. It adds texture and interest to your wall!
4. Pull-Out Cabinets
Organization is key to the kitchen. Pull-out cabinets let you see exactly what you’re looking for. No more taking out half your canned goods before you find the one you want!  

5. An Updated and Stylish Faucet
Is your gold-plated faucet stuck in another decade? Bring it into 2016 with a sleek, modern style and new technology!

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