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3 Roof Maintenance Tips From NE Connecticut’s Top Roofing Contractors

Roof maintenance is a chore that’s easy to overlook, given all the other upkeep and improvement projects that come with home ownership. However, taking steps to care for your roof will extend its life, prevent moisture damage elsewhere in your home, and avoid the need for expensive repairs. Northeast Builders Roofing Company in Eastford has been installing and maintaining roofs in northeast Connecticut for more than a decade and offers advice for keeping yours in excellent condition.

3 Tips for Effective Roof Maintenance

1. Inspect It

A contractor can examine your roof, but you don’t necessarily need to climb a ladder to determine whether it needs repairs. Inside your home, look for dark spots on the ceiling that might be the result of water leaking from your roof. Outside, check your house for cracks or rust spots on the caulk or around the drain spouts, missing or broken shingles, and moss or lichen growth. Look for colored grit from asphalt roof shingles in the gutters; these granules protect your shingles from UV rays, and having them wash off in the rain is a sure sign you need roof replacement.

2. Repair Broken or Missing Shingles

Shingles that are missing, broken, or loose should be replaced immediately to prevent leaks and further damage. If you are comfortable working on a roof, you can replace shingles and flash caulking around the chimney yourself with supplies from a home improvement store. However, a roofing contractor is best equipped to complete the job safely and effectively.

3. Clear Moss

You must remove moss growing on your roof to prevent shingle damage, and you can time this task with the seasons. In the fall, apply a moss-killing product that is suitable for roofs — a solution formulated for lawn use might contain iron that can cause stains. In the spring, sweep dead moss off your roof and clean it and other outdoor debris out of your gutters.


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