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Your Home’s New Roof; Don’t Make The “Thomas Jefferson” Mistake!

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For the first time since the 1830s, all new slates are being put on the roofs of the rooms and hotels of the West Range. Slates have been replaced over the years, but its was getting harder to match the older square slates, so the all the roofs have been covered with smaller, rectangular slates.
(Photo: University of Virginia)

Did you know? As a founder of the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson helped design a roof back in the 1830’s. That roof began to leak and they recently spent a whopping $900,000 replacing it. Thankfully, your home’s roof won’t cost nearly as much to replace when the time comes!

Rochester area roofing doesn’t have to cost much as long as you rely on professionals like Trinity. This is one way of avoiding costly mistakes when researching your new roof.

How much you spend on new roofing depends on several factors. These include the materials used, the kind of work done (whether your roof can be repaired or needs to be replaced), the type of home you have, its location, and the time of the year.

To get a good idea of the costs involved, it’s best to get two or three estimates from roofing companies you trust. There are different roofing materials, styles and shapes so choose wisely. Take a long hard look at what’s available so you can make the best choice.



John Hoagland, owner and founder of Trinity Home Renovations in Rochester, NY, has 20+ years experience working with clients on various home renovation, remodeling roofing and siding projects. His Webster, NY based company has seen tremendous growth in recent years. He's well respected by his colleagues and customers alike for his down-to-earth, friendly approach as well as his never ending dedication to customer service and satisfaction.
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