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10 Simple Fixes to Improve Your Business Website

10 Simple Fixes to Improve Your Business WebsitePotential clients every day are hitting the web in search of information when they need a roof repair. If you want them to find your company, you need a great website to highlight the information customers are looking for. By making small changes to your site, you can help boost your services over your competitors.

  1. Add a gallery of photos. Before-and-after photos of different styles of houses and roofing materials are most compelling to customers. They want to see your work. Highlighting jobs through videos is helpful as well.*
  2. Make it mobile friendly. More people access the web on their mobile device than on computer, so it’s important that your site be optimized for mobile viewing. Check your site on your phone and tablet and if it needs help, contact a web designer to make the fix. Google Mobile will give your site priority if it’s compatible.
  3. Create a good contact page. There’s no worse customer experience than going on a site and not being able to find a phone number or email to reach a business. Make that page prominent with a call to action (such as “schedule a free estimate”) and include a phone number (with business hours), an email address, and/or create a form for them to submit. Be prompt in your reply if you’re contacted after hours.
  4. Provide information on cost. Most homeowners who are searching for information on a new roof want to have a general idea of cost. Putting a section on your site with a basic formula of price compared to square footage will help guide them on their budget and prepare them for the discussion.
  5. Start a blog. Providing information to customers or answering their questions on a blog will help elevate your expertise and make you more credible than your competitors.
  6. Put up bios. Customers like to see and learn more about the people they’ll be dealing with.  Put photos and a short bio of the people on your team on your website. This helps build trust even before you step foot in the door.
  7. Add testimonials. Show off customer reviews on your website. If you don’t have time to gather them yourself, then look into plug-ins that can display reviews from sites on your blog. For example, Yelp has a Word Press plug-in. See our blog post on creating video testimonials.*
  8. Keep it simple. Websites should be simple to navigate and clean. Don’t use music or videos that auto-play or anything that makes the site slow to load. Customers will go elsewhere if they can’t get to your site fast.
  9. List your associations. It’s okay to tout your expertise and awards. It helps increase your credibility, but be careful about coming across too “in your face.” Subtlety and modesty go a long way.
  10. Keep it fresh. Show that you’re relevant by keeping your site updated either with a new blog post, a special offer, or even changing up the photos a few times a year.

With just a little bit of extra effort on your website, you can make a huge impression on potential clients and help grow your roofing business. Have you already made a change to your website and seen a difference? Do you have other tips we may have missed? Share your experiences in the comments below.

*Make sure you consult your attorney about the rules that regulate the use of photos, videos, testimonials and endorsements before you start this project.

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Source: http://blog.gaf.com/10-simple-fixes-to-improve-your-business-website/



John Hoagland, owner and founder of Trinity Home Renovations in Rochester, NY, has 20+ years experience working with clients on various home renovation, remodeling roofing and siding projects. His Webster, NY based company has seen tremendous growth in recent years. He's well respected by his colleagues and customers alike for his down-to-earth, friendly approach as well as his never ending dedication to customer service and satisfaction.
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