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How to Ask for Raving Reviews for Your Roofing Business

How to Ask for Raving Reviews for Your Roofing Business

You work hard to build a professional image that drives clients to refer your roofing business — now it’s time to make that impression last. An online review is a simple and lasting way to let homeowners do the talking for your company. This guide will help you ask for raving online reviews.


Why are online reviews so important?

These ratings and reviews become a permanent part of your brand’s online presence. What’s more, they play a role in homeowners’ decisions to use local services. A survey from BrightLocal revealed:

  • 88% of customers read online reviews for local businesses
  • 85% read up to 10 reviews
  • 88% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Tips for getting homeowners to give online reviews

The foundation for earning raving online reviews is delivering professional-quality service that sets you apart from the competition. When you’ve delivered, use these tips to encourage clients to share their experiences.

1.      Set up or claim your company profiles on review websites.

Establish an account or claim your company profile on popular review sites, such as Angie’s List, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor. Facebook also offers a review feature that clients can access from your business page. Creating an account gives clients an official place to leave reviews and, depending on the website, an account may give you options to respond to reviews, measure visitor activity, and more.

2.      Don’t delay your request for a review.

The new roof is installed, the job site is cleaned up, and the homeowner is relieved because this significant project is off their to-do list. Capitalize by asking him or her to write an online review as soon as the project is completed. One simple technique is to create an email template that thanks the client for his or her business and asks for the review. Using a template streamlines the process and allows you to easily and professionally make the request.

3.      Ask for honest reviews.

Clients don’t want to feel like they’re being pressured to post a good review, so never direct how he or she should leave feedback. Instead, ask for an honest or unbiased review. For example: We value your feedback. Please help us improve our business by sharing an honest review.

4.      Make it simple for customers to leave a review.

A homeowner who needs to hunt for an online review profile is less likely to leave one. No matter how you ask for an online review or rating, make it as easy as possible for the client by including the names of the review sites and, when appropriate, links to your profile on those sites.

5.      Thank clients for reviewing your roofing company.

Depending on the website where the review is posted, you may be able to respond directly to their review. Your response can be something as simple as: Thanks! It was a pleasure working with you. You can also set your roofing business apart by going old school and sending a handwritten thank–you note.

6.      Respond to negative reviews as well.

Online feedback from homeowners will become a permanent part of your brand’s online presence, so it’s critical to respond to negative reviews as well. Reply by acknowledging the homeowner’s complaint and then move the conversation offline to resolve the situation.

Source: http://blog.gaf.com/how-to-ask-for-raving-online-reviews-for-your-roofing-business/



John Hoagland, owner and founder of Trinity Home Renovations in Rochester, NY, has 20+ years experience working with clients on various home renovation, remodeling roofing and siding projects. His Webster, NY based company has seen tremendous growth in recent years. He's well respected by his colleagues and customers alike for his down-to-earth, friendly approach as well as his never ending dedication to customer service and satisfaction.
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