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Meet John Hoagland, Trinity’s Owner

Hello, everyone! My name is Chris Murtaugh and I work on a lot of the website and marketing efforts for Trinity Home Renovations. As you know, we’ve started a new blog series and in this week’s post, I want to introduce you to Trinity’s owner John Hoagland.

John is one of the nicest guys around and a great business man to boot. He’s taken his company from a small contractor business to a flourishing organization that is helping homeowners all over Rochester.

I spent time interviewing him recently and was able to glean some information that you may want to know. Oh, did I mention that he’s a Yankees fan? More on that later…

How did you get into the home renovation business in the first place?

My journey into the full-time working world started right after high school with a small local roofing company. I worked as a laborer for the first 2 years. I transitioned to a full-time mechanic once I learned the trade well enough. After 5 years with this company, I switched trades and took a job with an HVAC company for the next 5 years working in the sheet metal shop and later, a team doing heating and cooling installations.

After 11 years in the construction trade, I left to take an entry-level sales position with a telemarketing company. Finding something I was very good at, I excelled over the next 8-10 years spring boarding from a minimum wage job to VP of Sales. I was responsible for a multi-million dollar sales quota.

Working within a corporate structure was stressful and at times, thankless. I started to think about ways I could provide for my family while having the flexibility and autonomy of owning my own business. I had never considered myself an entrepreneur; however I wanted to pursue the American dream of owning my own business. I wanted to be able to be solely responsible for my success or failure.

In 2007, I partnered with a friend who was gracious enough to offer half of his existing business if I would come in and run the sales and marketing. After a year I still had aspirations to be in business on my own. I spoke with my wife and we started Trinity Home Renovations, Inc. in the spring of 2008 and our small business has continuously grown year after year. We are now known in Rochester and the surrounding area as a business that is truly faithful to providing our valued customers with high quality home improvements at reasonable prices. We are driven by customer satisfaction and long to leave a legacy of happy customers.

What’s the best part of owning your own company and working on roofing and home renovation projects?

Owning my own business has been the most rewarding accomplishment I’ve ever achieved. We are a business that puts family first, so we have the freedom to take the time off when needed. So, never having to miss another birthday, holiday, etc. with our children. For us, the absolute most rewarding part of owning my own business is the sense of accomplishment.

We love our customers, and being able to help them create their dream living space is very rewarding to us. As a home improvement contractor in Rochester, it grants me the flexibility and autonomy of owning my own business, while allowing me to work with my hands and take pride in the work we do.

What are some of your hobbies?

My wife and I have two small children; so much of our time is devoted to them. During my free time I enjoy softball, fishing, hunting, bowling and of course, like any good New Yorker—the New York Yankees!

As a Christian-focused business, how do you apply the principles in your day-to-day business affairs?

At Trinity Home Renovations, Inc. we focus on three key principles that demonstrate our Christian values. These three biblical principles define a Christian business worthy of the Trinity name.

  1. The first principal is integrity. It is about doing what is right rather than what is fastest or easiest. Our company strives to make all its business decisions based on the standards and principles of God—righteousness, truth and honesty.

  2. Next is a commitment of excellence to our customers. For our company to be recognized as a praiseworthy one, our goal is to glorify God through our commitment to excellence in the service and products we provide our customers on a daily basis.

  3. And finally, as a Christian business we have a commitment to our people. This includes providing fair compensation, performance recognition, and providing growth opportunities, both professionally and personally. We believe that recognition of the needs of our employees and by creating opportunities for them to fulfill those needs will bring out the very best in them.


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