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Roofing Tips for Summer

Summer thunderstorms can mean a relaxing evening listening to the rain or they can mean running around the house with pots and pans as you try to catch water from leaking roofs. Before the summer storms hit your Rochester area home, use the following roofing tips to ensure you won’t get rained on:

Check for Missing or Broken Tiles or Shingles

The easiest way for rain to get into your home is through missing or broken shingles on the roof. Find any missing shingles or tiles that need to be fixed and take the proper action to protect your home.

Maintain Your Exhaust Fans

Your attic or bathrooms may have exhaust fans. If they do, ensure they are working properly. If they don’t, install some. Exhaust fans work to remove humidity from a room. Protecting your home from moisture protects the interior roofing should any water make its way in.

Inspect Windows

If you have a skylight or windows in the attic, inspect them inside and outside. Check that all seals are well-maintained and not stripped away from the window or sill. Even the smallest crack can let water in.

Repair Your Gutters

Regardless of how well-maintained your roof is, your gutters are an essential part of your home. Double-check that they are free of debris, cracks or holes and that the downspout releases water away from the home. This ensures water doesn’t gather on your roof and make its way inside.

Have a Professional Inspection Done

Unless you are in roofing, leave the inspections to the professionals. They are equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to ensure your roof is ready to face the summer by keeping out rainwater, pests and excess heat. Hiring a professional is also safer.

When looking for someone to provide a roof inspection, see a company that has experience and references. Verify its license and insurance as well. For more information on summer roofing, call Trinity Home Renovations at (585) 670-9042.


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